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Bowls Committee Members

Chairman :  Margaret Stibbard
Deputy Chairman : Paul Becroft
Secretary : Robyn MacFadyen
Assistant Secretary : Leonie Freeman
Match Committee Secretary : Di Hands






Accredited Coaches

Paul Nichols, Paul Warren, Doug Freeman, Ross Higgins

Accredited Markers

Margot Dobson
Measurer: Betty Bicknell

Accredited Umpires

Vince Page, Leo Pye, Keith Dudley, Glenn Lockwood, Cathy Dudley, Di Hands, Ron Bartley

Booking Officer

Marg Thorne

Catering Committee

Helen Paul
Marie Nelson
Joy Cuthbert
Val Gibbs
Robyn MacFadyen
Marie Pedretti
Bev Cahill
Norma Howard
Elaine Brewster

Tanya Warren

Charity Day


Corporate / Barefoot Bowls / Visiting Groups


Friday Pairs

Marg Stibbard

Greens Committee

Murray Phillips
Graeme Sinclair
Graham Ball
Rob Thorne
Dennis Paul
Bill Probst
Craig Brauman
Barry Hubble
Richard Hansen

Indoor Bias Bowls Committee

Bob Smith
 Keith Dudley

Major Events Committee
(2018 Victorian Open)

Stan Hester
Peter Matthews

Di Hands
Sandra Wallace
Paul Warren
Bill Gullick
Murray Phillips
Wes Gibbs
Bill Chilcott

Match Committee

Di Hands
Val Gibbs
Vicki Whebel

Member Protection Officer

Bob Smith

Midweek Selection Committee

Di Hands
Pam McGurgan
Cathy Dudley
Leonie Freeman
Marie Nelson

Wednesday Social Bowls Committee

Angelo Russo
Rob Hands
Rick Osborne
 Lyn Osborne

Publicity Officer

Jeff Boyle

Saturday Selection Committee

Brian Hall
Paul Becroft
Ash Williamson
Vince Mazzella
Paul Warren

Social Bowls Committee


Thursday Pairs & 
Winter Fours

Ross Higgins
Graeme Sinclair
Doug Freeman
Brian Hall

Tournament Committee  

Sandra Wallace
Joy Cuthbert

Welfare Officer

Moira Smith

Winter Bowls Committee

Bev Cahill

60 and Over Committee

Moira Smith
Norm Mitchelmore
Jim Broadbent
Murray Phillips
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Information for Members


You have been accepted into your club and are now a working part of it. At the outset don’t believe you have only joined to play bowls. As every member assumes responsibilities immediately he/she is admitted, you will find that you have office-bearers who generously give their time and energy so that you can play and enjoy the game. Be appreciative of them; do everything you can to make their work as easy as possible; be punctual; willing to abide by their decisions; support all social functions and such-like organised for the good of the Club and your own enjoyment.

The cost of maintaining your club is ever exercising the thoughts of your office-bearers. Without stable and sufficient finance no club can be successful so you are asked to generously accept your financial responsibilities and support all revenue returning activities.

Never let your Club down. Be proud of it and at all times put it before yourself. Do nothing in your actions, words or appearance which will reflect against your Club. Do your part to enhance its reputation so that it is known as a fine Club.  


A green fee is payable by each member for any organised game of bowls. The fee for special and tournament games and for pennant players, both home and away, will be set by the Board of Management.

Watch for announcements by the social committee of functions arranged throughout the season. Funds raised by this committee are used to promote the welfare of the club.

Members should familiarise themselves with the etiquette and rules of the game of bowls and observe them at all times.

The office bearers elected by the members at General Meetings are listed in front of this booklet and your support and encouragement will assist them to achieve their main objective, i.e. the progress and well-being of the club.


 Bowls is a friendly game, consideration for others, courtesy and being a good sport will add enjoyment to a skilful and rewarding pastime.

Here are a few tips which may help:


·      Learn and understand the laws of the game as laid down by Bowls Australia.

·      Keep appointment times to play your matches and advise your opponent and team if unavailable to keep an  appointment.

·      Always conform to the correct attire for play.

·      Give full support to your team and skip, play for the team not for individual success.

·      Commend good shots and generally encourage all players.

·      Always watch the play, be interested without interfering, and be ready to play in your turn.

·      Keep still and silent while your opponent/s and other members of your team are playing.

·      After delivering your bowls retire at least one metre behind the mat. At the head end take up a position behind the jack and well away from the head unless directing the play.

·      Leads hand the jack and bowl to your opponent after the mat has been placed. If your opponent prefers otherwise then act accordingly.

·      Use litter containers for any rubbish.


                     ·         Wander or move about the head or talk when a player is about to deliver a bowl.

                      ·         Stand in line with boundary pegs or on the edge of the green.

                      ·         Argue with the skip on the shot to play.

                      ·         Give advice to players from the bank. (Thirds should not advise the skip unless the position has changed).

                      ·         Dispute the Umpire’s decision.

                      ·         Drop bowls on the green.

                      ·         Kick bowls away from the head before the head is declared.

                      ·         Abuse the privileges of the club.


Use of Greens

1.     The Greens Director shall have full responsibility for the maintenance and supervision of the greens and the power to prevent play at any time.

2.     No member shall be allowed to play on the greens unless wearing smooth soles and heel-less shoes. Members should take the greatest possible care when using the greens at practice.

3.     The greens shall be open for play on all days unless closed by the Greens Director.

4.     All officially organised games shall have priority in the use of the greens.

5.     Practice is not permitted on the same green when an official or arranged social game is in progress unless one rink is left vacant between the above games and the practice rink or unless prior approval has been given by the Management.

6.     Members and authorised visitors may practice on a vacant open green.

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